September 17, 2012

Mood Board: Autumn

I love mood boards/collages/inspiration boards/whatever you want to call them! I know my blog has been full of all things fall and I promise I will post design things once I get out of this phase. However, today was such a nice "fall" day even though it hasn't officially started yet.
I have been trying to keep up with my goals. If you refer back to that post here you can see what those goals were if you missed it. So, September is flying by too and I have yet to 100% finish any of these goals yet :0

  • I am almost halfway through The Help and I am loving it. 
  • I have not been exercising anymore than just walking :( 
  • I am still forgetting to take my camera everywhere with me. 
  • I have to print pictures for scrapbooking and hanging in the apartment. 
  • Still haven't finished the last of the name change. 
  • Curtains are all taped and ready to paint so that is ALMOST done and will follow up with a post!! 
  • I did skype with Sammi :) YAY but I still want to catch up with a few more friends before I mark that as complete.
To make myself feel a little bit better about this I have been making small to do lists and completing those. I did get my fall decor put up this weekend so I WILL take pictures at some point and post those!! Anyways hope y'all had a great weekend and Monday and I hope this mood board brightens your "fall" day.

1. Fall Tablescapes-Pinterest 2Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte 3. Apples- Pinterest 
4. Fall Engagement Sessions- Photography by Lani Patrick 
5. Boots, Coats, Scarves, Leather-Pinterest 6. Inspiration Photo-Pinterest
7. Pumpkin Pancakes 8. Fall Scented Candles-Pinterest 9. J.Crew Cashmere Sweaters 
10. Pumpkins- Pinterest 11. Leaves changing color and falling-Pinterest

Is this how you envision fall? Would you add anything? What other mood boards would you like to see me create?
Fall Favorites Link Up

XO Samantha


  1. :D awww <3 I love fall too and I love you Samantha Nicole :D I am testing out this posting thing for the second time


    1. Not sure if you will actually get to see this but thanks for commenting and hopefully I can figure out how to help you! Can anyone describe how to comment if you dont have a google account without making one??

  2. That photo of you two in the leaves?! LOVE IT!


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