September 1, 2012

Summer Summary

It may not officially be fall, but since my husband has started back to grad school it pretty much feels like it. I guess this post is somewhat for me to document the summer of 2012 for us but I hope that you find it exciting too.

First: Things we Did~ I'm just gonna say right away that this is the biggest and best summer I have ever had. Why? Well because:

  1. We got MARRIED!!
  2. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon! (the first cruise for both of us)
  3. On our honeymoon we got to go snorkeling in the worlds 2nd largest Barrier Reef.
  4. Also on our honeymoon we got to climb some Mayan Ruins.
  5. We moved to our new apartment in Richmond.
  6. I got an internship at Odell Associates.
  7. I got a job at Courtney Ludeman Interiors.
  8. We've been relaxing a lot after all of that. Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about doing all of that in about 3 months!

Second: Places we Ate~ We love to eat and especially eating out. Richmond is a great place to find a variety of restaurants. Here is a range of things we tried. Let me know what your favorite eats in Richmond are!
  1. Station 2- Burgers
  2. Mojo's- Cheese Steaks
  3. Bakers Crust- Pizza
  4. Baja Bean- Mexican
  5. Basilis- Greek
  6. Capital Ale House- American
  7. Conch Republic- Seafood
  8. Buz and Neds- Barbeque
Third: People we Visited/that visited us~ We are so lucky to have some awesome friends and family that love and support us. My friend Denise came for the weekend. Our friends Olivia and Chad came up for the day. Our friends/family Ty and Gabby came up for the weekend. Tim's mom, grandma, aunt and uncle came up for the day. Tim's cousin Ben came for one night. And my friends Kelly and Ashley came for dinner :) We also went home for my friend Chelsey and Sean's wedding!! And tomorrow my parents are coming to visit!!

And last but not least: Local Places we've been~ At first I was unsure about moving to Richmond. I have never lived in a city, but now I love it and there is SO MUCH to do.
  1. Maymont Park
  2. Poe Museum
  3. Byrd Park
  4. VMFA
  5. Carytown- Watermelon Festival (and quite a few other times)
  6. University of Richmond campus
  7. fireworks and Friday cheers at Brown's Island
  8. Concerts at Short Pump Town Center

What did you do this summer? I wish I had taken more pictures :( I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

XO Samantha


  1. Hey Samantha, I'm Amanda and I found you through the 20something bloggers group. first off congrats on your marriage! the pics are great, i could def use some recipe advice from time to time so your blog seems great to me. if you want to check out mine it's at

    1. Hi Amanda! It's nice to meet you. Thank you. I plan on posting some recipes pretty soon. I love to cook but am bad about documenting the process. I will definitely check out your blog. I'm glad you stopped by.


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