September 24, 2012

Saturday Shopping Trip

This weekend my hubby and I went home to visit. Today is my mother in laws birthday so Happy Birthday Vicki! It is such a gift that home is so close by and we can go pretty often and even more so that we are from the same hometown and only live 15 minutes apart.
I knew Old Navy had been having pretty good sales lately and I had been missing them. What? Me miss a sale? No way! So Eva, my mom and I headed out. I tried on more than I ever have at one time I do believe.
I was pleasantly surprised with all the pretty things. It is usually a hit or a miss for me with Old Navy. P.S. I apologize if this post doesn't interest you, but it is a portion of my blog and my life. I LOVE fashion and SHOPPING!
Now moving on to the good stuff. I had a coupon for $15 off $50 if you use your card which I have (well a gap card, which is good for Old Navy and Banana Republic as well).
This was our only stop of the day. However, I got a few more "surprises" as well.

I got my teal bubble necklace from Poke a Dot shop. It took a longggg time to come in, but it was WORTH IT! Now I want all of the other colors too and the earrings!! (My other favorites are the navy, hot pink, and yellow) My mom got me some stuff at the J.Crew clearance sale including a teal cardigan, yellow cardigan, and mint green sperrys :D

At this point, you probably think I have a shopping problem and you would be pretty accurate. Here is a compilation of everything that I got minus my dress that I forgot to lay out until after the pictures were taken. I love that the pieces are bright but can still be versatile. They are some of my favorite colors and will hopefully become new staples in my wardrobe.

Now I just have to get rid of some other clothes so that I can fit all of the fall/winter clothes and new clothes into my closet. To that I say "May the odds be ever in my favor" haha- Hunger games reference for anyone who doesn't know, you should read it ;)

Please click on the image to enlarge

(I actually forgot to take my own picture of this, sorry)

What are your favorite fall trends? Have you noticed that you have been shopping a lot at one particular store? Do you own any of these pieces? Did you shop at any good sales this weekend?

* This post was not sponsored by any of these stores. It is strictly my love for the brands and my opinions!

Happy Monday!
XO Samantha

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