September 6, 2012

Goals and Pinterest

So I really wanted to do a post on my goals for August and that month flew by! So I decided that I would do one for September and we are almost a week in! Whew! But I don't care there is still plenty of month left to complete these goals. Here we go:

  1. Exercise more (at least twice a week)
  2. Read an entire book- gotta start small
  3. Take more photos 
  4. Catch up on my scrapbooking, at least do the honeymoon one (I am way behind!)
  5. Get outside more, even if just to walk around the neighborhood
  6. Complete my name change (insurance and passport left)
  7. Make organizational financial binders (this is a Pinterest idea)
  8. Paint my chevron curtains
  9. Skype/talk to my friends more often
  10. Get wedding photos printed!!
Someone please hold me accountable and make sure I stick to these goals! I know some of them may not seem like a big deal but they are important to me. Lately after work I do nothing except sit in front of the computer and tv and eat. This needs to change. 

Now on to more fun things~ Pinterest!!! I am on Pinterest a lot and I wanted to share some of my favorite pins with you. 

Favorite Fall Pins:

Oh I would love to have these on a fall Sunday morning!!

If I do this, it has to look like hokie colors!!
Gotta print and hang this soon :) Maybe even for work too!
Making these myself could be dangerous but oh so good!

Favorite Design Pins
I love this fresh bold take on a banquette.
I love the idea of a seating area. That 4 poster bed is perfect to frame the room.
Coral/White fireplace/mirror :D

Teal, white and that table :) obsessed with this space

Favorite Funny Pins
HAHA Sheldon!

A girl can dream right?
Ok maybe just cute not funny but I couldn't resist!

and a few more Favorites:
These are teal awesomeness!

Denise- this one's for you :)

AHHH TEAL COAT! Its on my christmas list!

What are your favorite pins right now? Do you set monthly/weekly goals for yourself? Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do! I will be giving updates on my progress for these goals :)

XO Samantha

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