October 3, 2012

October goals

Happy October! It has been a big week for me. Erin's last day was Friday so this is my first week on my own without having her there to train/help me. I will miss her a lot!!! 

Ok, so here were my September goals:
  1. Exercise more (at least twice a week)
  2. Read an entire book- gotta start small
  3. Take more photos 
  4. Catch up on my scrapbooking, at least do the honeymoon one (I am way behind!)
  5. Get outside more, even if just to walk around the neighborhood (this goal should never end really!)
  6. Complete my name change (insurance and passport left)
  7. Make organizational financial binders (this is a Pinterest idea)
  8. Paint my chevron curtains
  9. Skype/talk to my friends more often
  10. Get wedding photos printed!
WOW! Doesn't look like I got much done :(

Some things I did accomplish that weren't on my list: made 2 meals I found on Pinterest (Crock pot ranch pork chops and 8 can taco soup), unpacked my fall/winter clothes and went through all of my clothes to get rid of some and decorated for fall! Whew I feel a little better now.

Here are some new goals to add on for October:
  1. visit a friend!! 
  2. keep looking for a church that we love
  3. do a post on my chevron curtains
  4. start Christmas shopping (yes, I am serious)
And while we are on lists, here is an update on my fall bucket list:

Fall Bucket List
bake a pie completely from scratch (probably pumpkin)
make a leaf pile and play in it
find a pumpkin patch near Richmond and go to it
go on a hayride
take a nature walk and bring the camera
go camping (have to do this before it gets too cold)
pumpkin frap/latte- enough said!
make it to at least one Hokie football game (Austin Peay game)
make pumpkin-chocolate ice cream
DIY fall decorations to put in the apartment (well I bought them, but the apartment is still decorated!)

I PROMISE that I will put some apartment pics up soon

Also, we are going to a food festival tonight! CAN'T WAIT to eat my little heart out :)

Here is some more fall inspiration from Pinterest: (I just can't help myself)

Fall Favorites Link Up

Until next time,

XO Samantha

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