December 19, 2012

J.Crew Wishlist

IM BACKKKKK! I know you are just ooozing with excitement, right?? Well I have a pretty cool post to share today so you should be!!! First of all I want to mention that I received an email from Shabby Apple to be an affiliate of theirs. I love their products so I am more than happy to introduce it to you! So check out my left sidebar for the button that leads to their online store! I will do another post on this later, but you can go check it out now!! 
On a second note: I am wayyyy behind on the photo challenge so all of those images are at the end of this post!
Third: There are only 5 DAYS until Christmas!!! 
Fourth: I passed my views from last month :) and I have gotten about 20 more followers via GFC!! So grateful for you readers!!

And now on to the real post: MY J.Crew wishlist 2012!! Are you thinking "You're crazy girl! That stuff is too expensive." Probably, but if you live near central VA or western NC then you are in luck because you can go to the warehouse sales in Lynchburg Va or Asheville NC and get some AWESOME deals on J.Crew merchandise!!! But even if you aren't, it's always fun to dream!! Plus you can sometimes get great deals at the retail shops or outlets.

Shoes: It was hard for me to narrow it down to only 4 pairs but I tried to pick one in each style. I think they are all screaming my name! Which are your favorite??
Tan Suede Ankle Boots, Leopard Pumps, Bright Yellow Gold Dipped Ballet Flats, Pink Sperry Shearwater Boots

Accessories: A girls best friend :) I really want the chain link bracelet. I am also considering some similar ones that are much cheaper on Etsy.

Braided Fabric Bracelet, Navy Leather Hobo Bag, Colorblock Zip Wallet, Rhinestone Chain Link Bracelet

Outerwear: Gotta keep warm in better way to do that then wear these!

Orange Schoolboy Blazer, Quilted Vest in Herringbone, Gray Peplum Jacket, Double Cloth Coat in Retro Jade

Tops and Bottoms: These are some great every day staples for my closet. Especially loving cardi's and cords this winter!

Tippi Cardigan in Vintage Kelly, Chiffon Dot Top in Navy, Classic Felted Wool Mini in Navy, Matchstick Cord in Sand

What's on your J.Crew wishlist?? 

Day 14: I tried out this recipe...Hashbrown soup from Pinterest and it was sooo yummy! I would definitely recommend it!

Day 15: Ashley and I Christmas shopping! (she actually took these with her iphone but I wanted to include them)

Day 16: Leopard ornament...I got this beauty at Pier One! I also love these: here, here, here and here!

Day 17: my stocking- also leopard (do you see a pattern here??) Had to hang them on the fireplace :(

Day 18: gingerbread cookies! We went over to Anna and Ryan's new home to hang out and decorate gingerbread cookies! Thanks for having us :) 

Day 19: Christmas cards!! Finally came in and I'm sending them out in the am!!

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