August 13, 2013


*I have been working on some blog updates and I want to share them with you. I have a new and improved ABOUT ME page. If you want one like it, let me know and I am sure we can work something out! ALSO, I added a button on my left sidebar for my DESIGN SERVICES. You can now purchase mood boards directly through the Paypal button The page also gives a break down of what's included in the price and includes many examples of previous boards.*

I shared this post a while back as a guest post over on Jackie's blog but I just loved it too much not to share it on my own space. And I also wanted it to be a REMINDER that the design in your home link-up is still open. We extended it for another month so be sure to add your room or house tour and it could be featured right here!!

1) Please follow your host (Designer in Teal) and co-host (Jade and Oak) via Bloglovin.
2) Please only link up your own work. You can show off a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. You get the idea. Exteriors/patios are also welcome!
3) Have FUN!

When designing a space there are a lot of layers to making it feel like home. So I want to share a few ways with you on how to finish your space. 

Some areas to focus on in your living room/den are bookshelves and coffee/end tables. Yes they are supposed to be functional but they can also be pretty stylish. 

Another area to quickly spruce up is your kitchen. You don't want to go adding a bunch of useless things that clutter up your counter space but thats what shelves are for! Or if you are going to put something on the counter, make it something pretty and functional like vintage canisters.

And finally one of the most overlooked places: the entryway! A mirror can help make a narrow hallway feel larger and its always nice to have a console to drop your keys on.

So, are you ready to go and make your house a home? I hope you have enjoyed my detail inspiration :) Thanks for having me, Jackie!

XO Samantha


  1. Hi, i found you on Wild card Wednesday. I love your blog. You have really nice ideas. This makes me want redecorate my whole place lol. Very inspirational. :) new follower. Looking foward to more posts and ideas.

  2. I'm guilty of not really accessorizing my tables, just because I am too lazy to want to pick things up to dust around them! :) Love the images you found, especially the entryways. I have never had a "true" entryway and I have always wanted one to decorate :)

  3. Definitely inspiring! I need to spice up my rooms a wee bit more!

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  4. I haven't really "decorated" a room in awhile... I really need to! I'm hoping to get back to that this fall!

  5. boy o boy am I excited I found your blog to follow! An interior designer, sweet :) excited for all the future tips I will get. haha. by the way I found your blog from over at Newlywed Moments :) excited to be following along now! It's always nice to find someone that loves the Lord (and mexican food. lol)

  6. Gorgeous inspiration! I am drooling over that first entryway. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm absolutely in love with that navy chevron wall! Dying!


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