August 5, 2013

SLP Sooner or Later

Meet Lauren

Lauren blogs over at SLP Sooner or Later. She is one of the sweetest girls I have "met" through blogging. She just got married on July 20th (like my bestie Olivia) and went on her honeymoon to Costa Rica!! We are planning a skype date very soon. She has been asking me for blog advice but I know I can learn a lot from her as well. And maybe I can even see a sneak peek of her wedding pictures?!

"Hi! I'm Lauren, a twenty-something, nursing home speech therapist, almost wife to Dustin, fiercely loyal friend, trying to learn how to do it all...sooner or later."

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Been blogging since: February 2012

More about Lauren:

Favorite Food? Sushi

What do you like most about blogging? I love the friendships that I have made. Blogging feels like a support network for whatever stage and place you are at in life. It gives you the opportunity to get a "sneak peek" into other people's lives and experience things from another point of view. 

Place you must travel to? Europe. I'm dying to travel abroad. 

Early bird or night owl? Early Bird

An essential start to your day? Cliff Granola Bar (my go-to quickie "breakfast") 

Biggest pet peeve?  Repetitive tapping or smacking. I can't stand when people sit and tap their pens/pencils!! 

Daily Blog reads? Obviously, Designer in Teal! But also, Hooah and Hiccups, Little Baby Garvin, Forever Newlywedded, It Is What You Make It, Mrs. Laura Beth and Wifessionals, but the list could go ON and ON! 

Have I convinced you that you need to know Lauren yet?? I promise you won't regret visiting her blog!

p.s. Don't they make a cute couple??

Lauren's Social Media:

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