August 2, 2013

High Five for Friday

Guess what?? It's FRIDAY!! YAY :) 

and its time for High Five for Friday!!

1) I got a new planner! I haven't used one since I graduated. I couldn't pass it up since it was TEAL with leopard inside!

2) I got to catch up with some of my besties over the phone!

3) I love my morning cuddle sessions with this guy!

4) I celebrated a year of blogging and a year of working at Courtney Ludeman Interiors!

5) On our last trip to Target, we saw this! They've got Hokie Spirit! SO ready for college football season :)

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  1. Loving your new planner! And congrats for your first year anniversary! :)

  2. Yea for new planners, catching up with old friends, and football season!

  3. Love the planner! I used to have the same one!

  4. Go Hokies! We live in Blacksburg and my husband work in athletics at VT! We have some serious pride in this house :)


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