August 21, 2013

Guess what day it is??

Haha...I couldn't resist!

I don't normally post when I don't have a specific topic but it has been a strange week so far and I need to share some things. It also just so happens to be Random Wednesday with the lovely Shanna!!

  1. I had a flat tire Monday morning. Tim's cousin Joey saved the day. He came and put my spare tire on and even came to the garage with me to get it fixed :)
  2. Tim's phone broke and he has been without one since Sunday...lets just say I DO NOT like when I can't get it touch with him.
  3. I lost my watch yesterday....and I am embarrassed to say that after looking EVERYWHERE including our trash, I found it right where it belonged.
  4. After so much hype about wanting to go the Band Perry concert, I missed's going on as I am typing this actually. Oh well, still planning to see Darius Rucker.
  5. Artie had his first trip to Virginia Tech's campus and HE LOVED IT! We took him to Burruss and the Duck Pond. He chased the ducks right into the water :)

We got him a hokie bandana!

He is on a leash, you just can't see it!

Some other things not related to this week...
  1. Everything is happening on October 19th! Seriously.... we have been invited to 2 weddings on that day, its my Grannys birthday, its when the So You Think You Can Dance tour is coming to VA Beach and it's when Highpoint Market starts!!
  2. I have been in a baking/cooking mood lately. I made chocolate chip banana bread, homemade chips (in the microwave) and Gabby and I fixed Mexican Black Bean Soup and 7up biscuits. I think its because fall is coming. I also want to make some homemade ice cream before it cools down. Got any good recipes??
  3. I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin :) YAY! I LOVE YOU GUYS! You are the best!!
  4. School is starting soon...and I want to go back! If you are in college, soak it all in because you will miss it!!

That's all for now! Happy Hump Day :)

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  1. I did the same thing with the Dierks Bentley show. I thought I was going and then at the last minute I didn't. Oh well. I'm going to Florida Georgia Line next week.

  2. Oh wow, so do you live by Tech? I'm local! So cool! I think bloggers are a rare breed in southwest VA : )


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