October 28, 2012

Friends...are family that you choose!

Lots of recent thinking has brought up this post. I have really been asking myself what it means to be a true friend and to have a true friend. It has been really hard for me to move to a new city and not have any friends here. Since then, a few have moved here and I have met a few new girls but it is much harder than meeting people in college. I don't expect to have my friends visit all of the time or be able to visit them all of the time. I just want to be able to have a girls day and go shopping or just watch chick flicks and eat ice cream :). I married my best friend and I am soooo grateful for him and his love for me.

I just wanted to share what I think it means to be a good friend and reminisce on some good memories with friends (sorry for picture overload)

1. A good friend is someone that you feel close to even when you are hundreds/thousands of miles away.

2. A good friend is someone who you can always count on.

3. A good friend is someone that can make you smile just by thinking of them.
source unknown

4. A good friend should listen, comfort, and be kind.

5. A good friend should make you feel like you are just as important as their other friends.

6. A good friend should be someone you feel that you can share anything with.

Here are some of the people that I have had the privilege of calling friends over the years:
Warning: may be some old/embarrassing pics in here!

And my true best friend FOREVER!
I want to thank each of you for your friendship and standing by my side! You each mean so much to me!

XO Samantha


  1. Love this! I feel so special to be included! Your friendship means so much to me, I jut wish we had gotten closer sooner. :( Being away from each other just means we have to make more of an effort which makes it that much more special. I'm do happy that you're going to be a part of my special day! Love you!

    1. Of course you are included! We aren't that far away really :) I can't wait to be a part of your special day! Love you too <3

  2. aw such great reminders of friendship and what it stands for!


    1. I think sometimes we need that reminder! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am follower of yours too!

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  4. Samantha thanks for the post. The quotes were entertaining and meaningful. Thanks for sharing your personal pictures too. If I had to find pics like that of myself I'd be embarrassingly at a loss. It's kinda depressing.

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