October 24, 2012

Day 5~VT Interior Design Student Series~ Kelley

Last, but certainly not least is Kelley! I really enjoyed having studio with Kelley my fall semester of senior year. We sat one desk apart from each other and were constantly bouncing ideas off one another. We have a very similar work process and really seemed to click early on in the semester.

She then got a summer internship at this awesome place which is in Richmond! I had her over to the apartment for dinner a few times and we got to enjoy chatting about the design world and how its similar/different from studio (and some other stuff but mostly just design). Then she had to go back to Blacksburg :(

Kelley is a very hard-working person and takes her design very seriously. She can be pretty silly too though  ;) I cannot brag on all of these girls enough. I don't want to say the same thing about each one of them because then it would just sound scripted but they are all truly kind, beautiful girls and I feel blessed to know all of them!

The project of Kelley's that I am going to share won the Haworth award for Design Excellence. It was a project that I did as well only she chose Livestrong as her organization. She also said that I could share the link to her portfolio website: http://kolearydesign.tumblr.com/home.

One more thing about Kelley...she loves yellow! Haha

This concludes the VT Interior Design Student Series, but hopefully I will be able to share some student work with you now and then! I do enjoy seeing all of the new fresh ideas however school design is based on a very ideal world (no budget). In real life design you don't get to design things exactly how you dreamed/imagined/hoped.
If you would like to support our (VT Interior Design) program or learn even more about it, check out the website: http://interiordesign.arch.vt.edu/.

Hope you have enjoyed virtually meeting these girls and seeing their work! I know I have :)

XO Samantha

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