October 18, 2012

Highpoint Market 2012

I had been looking forward to this trip since I was hired and Erin was telling me her and Courtney usually go in the fall and spring. I had the date set on my calendar and it approached very quickly. Courtney and I left at about 6:30 am Monday morning and I thought I would sleep on the way down since I am NOT a morning person but I was very awake and ready to start.

We got about 30 minutes away and it started POURING rain! :( I was not happy because there is a lot of walking involved at market. Luckily the rain cleared off after we got in the first building and the rest of the day was beautiful. We spent a long while in the C.R.Laine showroom which happened to be one of my favorites. Here are some of the highlights from it :) I hope you make it all of the way through my pictures! I was very inspired. To sum things up market is supposed to be hard work and searching for products for our clients, but I just saw the whole experience as 2 straight days of SHOPPING! Haha, maybe I am the only one but I can't wait until Spring 2013 Highpoint Market!!!
WARNING: LOTS of pretty things ahead!

I <3 this wall color and blue leather sofa!

Fav chair of theirs :)

Shimmery fabric! Another favorite chair!

Nice traditional look!

Pretty color combination!

Love this kinda beachy look! 

LAMPS! Green tables!!

The spool chair :) and the wingback chair with nailheads!

Love these rich colors together...what a yummy green velvet sectional!

Love it!

Teal leather chair...ned I say more?

Another showroom I really enjoyed was Cyan Designs and they were very reasonably priced. We found some great new showrooms and products. I loved the lighting showrooms: Arteriors, Currey and Co and Visual Comfort were my favorites! I could definitely see repeated trends within the overall market. I can't wait to specify some of these products for clients! Overall it was a very stress free successful market! Now I will share some more favorites. Of course I got pics of anything teal and chevron that I could find. I want/need some clients that I can design these pretty things for!!!

Blue Glass Bottle Chandelier!!

Love the delicate shapes..there were definitely a lot of gold leaf tables!

Cute chair shape and love the white table!

Lovely light fixture

Lovely accessories display

Pretty handmade dishes in TEAL

Fav color combo!

WOO sorry for the blur...

Ooooh Ahhhhh

BEAUTIFUL custom handbags that I couldn't afford!

Seriously I have to have this one day!

Love these rustic touches!

Rope tables! Would be great for my future beach house? Anyone?

So cute and little!

 Loving the Greige and Orange!!!

I really wanted to bring one of these babies home! They were a fantastic price too :(

Blue Chevron rug get in my bedroom! Thank you

They are like art for the floor!

Always love grey and yellow


Pretty, modern patterns

Teal patchwork rug ottoman! How unique :)

Love that these pieces match the rug above! So funny

GORGEOUS handmade rug! Me and Courtney were wanting to get one for the office :P

So what was my favorite thing about market? Um, all of the free coke and candy!!!! Duh :D Just kidding...but not really!

We also got to have dinner with some of Courtney's friends, Debbie and Lauren! They were so funny and sweet and dinner was delicious!! It's funny that they are from Richmond but we have to go to NC to see them :) And CONGRATS if you made it all the way to the end of this post!

Happy almost Friday~

XO Samantha


  1. hey samantha! thanks for following my blog :) these pictures make me want to go shopping--now! i think my favorite is the coral and bright green room....and all of those awesome rugs too. love your blog!


  2. Thanks for sharing these! I love the blue glass bottle chandelier, those gorgeous orange arm chairs, and the rope side tables perfect for a beach house! Hope you guys had a blast :)

    1. We did! Glad you enjoyed these! I wish we could have stayed longer...we probably didn't even see half! There was soooo many showrooms! :)

  3. just found this site and like several items depicted - how can I order or find out where to get them hard to tell


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