October 6, 2012

Mums the word...

So I have been raving about fall on this blog and it is finally time for me to share my fall decorations with you! Granted I would love to do some over the top displays like I have posted about, I do not have funding for that!!

I went to the grocery store this morning and couldn't help myself and bought some orange mums for our very small porch. I also got stuff to fix a yummy dip for football watching (the game we shall not mention).
 It was just a Hormel package (1 can of chili and 1 can of cheese). I just mixed the 2 together and microwaved it! It was perfect for fall and football and it made a whole lot.

Now to the pretty stuff... I will start with the mums! I had a really cool container leftover from my bridal shower and it was just begging me to use it :D I have never been so excited about buying a plant. AND it was only $3!!! You just can't beat that. I should have gotten one in each color but I would have no room for them all.

Next is the dining room table. I have a beautiful monogrammed cutting board that was a wedding gift as the centerpiece so I didn't want to distract too much from this. I have my glass pumpkin cookie/candy dish, a pumpkin votive, and maroon and orange leaf place mats. I love the rustic touch that the burlap adds too (leftover from the wedding). 

I have collected some pine cones outside of the apartment and put them in my pretty silver bowl to create a fall look for free! And of course another candle burning! Tim also had a cute light up pumpkin to add to the mix!

Next onto the kitchen.. I picked up some fall leave towels and oven mitts and Tim had a spider towel. My mother-in-law gave us some fall things and this cute bat oven mitt was one of them! The combination actually works pretty well. And they are functional :) 

Last but not least is the coffee table. I may have dressed it up a bit. The bowl is filled with pretty potpourri. The VT tray matches great and I put some more potpourri in the mason jar. I also added my big soup bowl and put some VT mints in there. And a coffee table wouldn't be complete without some books and a beautiful scrapbook that Gabby made me!

Hope you have enjoyed this little decorating adventure! Can't wait to share my chevron curtains very soon!!! 

Some random things I am looking forward to:
  1. Going wedding dress shopping w/ Denise :D not until Nov. but I know it is going to be so special and I am so honored!
  2. Olivia and Chad hopefully coming to visit at the end of October! 
  3. Going pumpkin picking! Hopefully next week??
  4. Doing a whole house project at work! starting w/ bedroom designs YAY
Have a great rest of the weekend~

XO Samantha


  1. I too have grand fall decorating ideas and no budget. :( Your decorations look great though! I especially love the burlap runner!

    1. Thanks!! I actually have a lot left if you would like some to make a runner. Its already the right width just have to cut the length you want! I really want to make a wreath but all the supplies are so expensive!


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