October 22, 2012

Symphony Designer House 2012

Courtney and I got the opportunity to go visit the 2012 Symphony Designer house at Pinifer Park a couple of weeks ago. I have never experienced a "designer house" before so I didn't really know what to expect going in. Unfortunately I can't promote for you to go check it out because its closed to the public and I don't have any pictures but you can find out more about it here:http://www2.timesdispatch.com/lifestyles/2012/sep/09/tdflair01-richmond-symphony-designer-house-ready-f-ar-2181252/

I wish I had pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms :( They were stunning and the kitchen design was a very clever use of space and budget. Who knows..maybe I will get to be a part of the next Richmond Designer house?

I was thinking about what my favorite space was so that I could talk about it and to tell you the truth, I liked something about each space. I know that each designer put a lot of time and effort into their space.  It would take forever for me to mention what I liked about each space so I will show you the only pictures of the 2012 house that I could find. And did I mention that the property is GORGEOUS! I would hang out on that wrap around porch all day long!

Bridget Beari Designs did the hallway and stairwell

Dining Room by Ruth and Ollie
I loved the sophisticated feel of this space. Whether it was the lush velvet yellow drapes, the gold chairs with leopard seat cushions or the white hide-hair rug or the bright coral/red ceiling, I was drooling. :)

Here is the link to a video if you want to learn more about the house and some of the design concepts:

Since I don't have many pictures from this, I will share a few past designer house photos as well!!

2008- Houzz

Have you ever been to a designer house? If so, what was your experience? What space in the house would you want to design?

XO Samantha


  1. Wow that sounds so fun! What a cool way to get new inspiration!

    1. It was! I would love to go to some other ones to see how they are similar/different to the richmond one!


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