October 9, 2012

Special Day!

Guess what today is? Tuesday? Haha yeah but it is also me and the hubby's 4 month Anniversary!! I have been enjoying every bit of married life. I apologize if this post is too mushy for you...but it is necessary. I want to share our proposal story!

It was January 29, 2011. Tim and I were enjoying the weekend together. We went to the Duck Pond on the VT campus and I was sketching for studio and taking pictures.

We walked around and talked. The entire time Tim had the ring in his jacket pocket! I was clueless. We left and were heading back towards the apartment. I had mentioned earlier this trail that we went to before and hadn't went back to since. We kept driving along and I realized that we passed the turn to go to the apartment. So I asked where we were going and he said you'll see. We finally arrived to Deerfield Trail. We started walking down the trail and I was still taking lots of pics. It was actually a nice warm day for January. 

I saw that Tim had gotten ahead of me and was sitting alone on this bench. I went over to sit with him, he stood up and he was acting kinda funny but I didn't think much of it. I started putting camera away to head back. When I got up and looked up he was down on one knee. He asked if I would marry him and I was crying like a baby. I couldn't answer but of course the answer was YES! (which I eventually got out) I called my parents, then his parents and other family as we walked back to the car.

Once we got back to my apartment I got to tell my roommate Sammi! Then I called my friends and invited some to a celebratory dinner. We went to Sal's on South Main! It was awesome and I got to dress a little better :) I will never forget this special day

and one last thing..we also took our Engagement photos there! Recognize this spot?

And we lived happily ever after! :)

Happy Anniversary Tim!!

XO Samantha


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