October 17, 2012

Day 3~VT Interior Design Student Series~Meredith

Today, I am going to talk about Meredith! Meredith also went on the Neocon/Fallingwater trip and I got to talk to her some, but I was really able to get to know her when I decided to do a new program that our IDEAS group started. It was an education program where we went to local schools to tell the students what Interior Design is. I was part of the group that prepared the presentations. We worked on the marketing side of this new program. Meredith led this half of the group. She was always making sure we were keeping on task.

Meredith is a very good designer. She always has a lot to bring to group discussions. She has a very unique design style and always comes up with fresh ideas that stand out. I also did this Sephora project that she is sharing with us. Meredith's design was without a doubt very creative and very different from everyone else's design. I love this project and I wish I had come up with it! I am trying to be less wordy and let the project speak for itself so here you go. Enjoy Meredith's Soap and Glory Pop-Up Sephora store!

Please show all of these girls some love and comment on what you like about their designs! Only nice words though :) 2 more girls left in this series!! Hope you are learning a lot about Interior Design. 

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted this sooner. I've been at Highpoint Market :) I will be sharing more soon!

XO Samantha

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