August 13, 2012

Celebrate.Remember.Fight Back

American Cancer Society's Relay for Life has been a big part of my life in the last 6 or so years. I became involved in my local Relay for Life in high school and I fell in love with this organization. Then, I went to Virginia Tech which has THE LARGEST collegiate Relay IN THE WORLD!! I was overwhelmed with excitement of my first VT Relay! I will never forget that experience. Every year after, I knew I had this event to look forward to, but it became more than that. It is year long fundraising event and took up a large portion of my out of class time. I was not only a team captain, but a part of the fundraising committee for 2 years. I hope to find a local Relay event in Richmond and continue to go to VT's event every year. If you don't know about Relay for Life check out this link: If you want to know more about Virginia Tech's event and how we raised over $580K for cancer research, check out this link: fr_id=41402&pg=entry 
Here is a snapshot of my first Relay!
balloon arches

My team

farm theme

sign that I made

our decorated tent

wrist bands

me and my HUBBY

us with the Hokie Bird

me and my co-captain and roomie

luminary dedicated to my Papa

Here are photos from Sophomore, Junior and Senior year!
*note: some of these photos were pulled from the website/facebook page

the low-techs

Burruss Hall

the event from Slusher Hall

the girls on the team!

my bible study group

freshman studio group

Because of my love for this organization, I chose to do my last Interior Design project on it. We were to do a healthcare facility or something similar. I chose to design a Hope Lodge, which is a place for cancer patients and their caregivers to stay when they are traveling for treatment. Here are some of my renderings.

Note: These designs belong to Samantha Horseman. 
Please do not copy or steal these images. Thank you!

Until we find a CURE,
XO Samantha

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