August 26, 2012

Design from around the world

I love being inspired by design found all over the world. I have never had the chance to study abroad but I know that there is some amazing architecture and design to be found outside of the U.S. I especially love Moroccan and German. This is not to say that I don't love styles of design found in the U.S. as well. I also really love coastal design, southern, contemporary and transitional. We don't have to be confined to inspiration that is close by. Why not travel the world and learn new things about new cultures? I hope that one day I can experience these styles firsthand.

Moroccan influenced design is very warm and luxurious. The style is known for its vibrant colors and exotic flair. Ceilings are also sometimes very elaborate such as the last image of the bedroom. Bold geometric patterns based off of Moroccan motifs are now popular in our contemporary versions of these designs.

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German design is completely opposite of Moroccan design. It is much more modern and streamlined. This style to me would relate somewhat more to commercial spaces in the U.S. rather than residential. They are on the cutting edge of design today. 

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Now for a few designs you might see:

At the beach! ( I think I like it so much because of all the blues!)

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In the South!

Hope you enjoyed all of these beautiful spaces! What is your favorite style of design and why? I obviously realize now that I like a variety of designs. 

XO Samantha

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