August 30, 2012

Football Food

Since today kicks off the start of college football, I thought I would post some awesome tailgating/ football party ideas. And maybe also because my friend Erin requested that I do a post on this. I love game day food. To me, it basically consists of appetizers, snack type foods and desserts :) Are you hosting a football party this weekend? What tailgating foods are your favorite? Have you made any of these? If so I would love for you to share. If you don't want to comment publicly, you can always send me an email at! Enjoy~

 Football Pepperoni Pizza- I love this idea. I make homemade pizza a lot and it wouldn't take much to make it look like this! You can find the original post here
 Individual 7 Layer Dip- Yay for portable nachos! You could always have extra chips out on a table or put each person some chips in a ziploc bag. If you use these little disposable cups then you have a really easy clean up too. And you could make most of this ahead of time and just add your cheese and toppings last minute. You can find the original post for these here.
 Football Cake Pops- These are so fun and also great for on the go. I've never made cake pops, but I've heard they take a lot of time and effort. Nobody wants to be slaving away in the kitchen when its game time. So if these are too advanced, another great option would be cupcakes!! You can find the original post here.
 Fruit Kebabs- If you are thinking so far that you are going to gain 10 pounds for eating all of this stuff, then here you go. Anything "on a stick" is appropriate for game day and tailgating. These will add lots of color to your table as well. Found on Pinterest!
 Mini Corndog Muffins- I really want to make these soon! I love corndogs and these are just too cute. They may not be appropriate for tailgating since they probably wouldn't be so good reheated, but I sure would love those for a football party/gathering. You can find the original post here.
 Super Quick Chili- Who doesn't love something warm and comforting for those REALLY COLD games? Bread bowls are awesome too because the only thing you need for this is a spoon! Don't have to worry about lots of dirty dishes. You can find the original post here.

And here's a few more...just for fun!! :)
You have to let me know if you try THIS ONE!!!

Tailgating Essentials for Hokies:

I hope that whatever games you are watching this weekend or Monday, you will consider these recipes and ideas to make your experience a better one. 

P.S. I will let you know if I actually make any of these :) I'm sure my husband would appreciate it if I do!

Happy Tailgating!
XO Samantha

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