August 23, 2012

Color and lots of it

I am not one of those designers who likes everything to be white and neutral. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just have to have more color, texture and visual interest. Done the right way, a white space can be very intriguing, but a lot of times to me it feels cold and uninviting. So today I want to share some of my favorite color combinations with you. (A lot of them have some form of teal) I hope that these images inspire you and bring some life to your day! What are your favorite color combos? Which of the following combos do you like?
Not only do these images have color, but I chose them because they are visually stimulating and are very balanced. These spaces all invite me in and make me want to be sitting on the sofa or cooking in the kitchen. Notice that each image has a variety of texture and pattern to make the look cohesive. Hope that you enjoy these COLORFUL spaces!

Yellow and Grey




Teal and Citron


Navy and Pink

Aqua and Coral

A few more color combos I adore:

XO Samantha

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